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Here's to the
Chairman of the Board

(Frank Sinatra Tribute)
  • "Stan Edwards in his own wonderful singing style plays a musical tribute to Frank Sinatra. Frank would be very proud of him."
    ~ Joey Adams (late great comedian, writer, and radio host)

  • "What is Stan Edwards? Stan Edwards is an singer of popular American standards. In a day when stars of R&B and rock'n'roll are recording standards, Stan remains the real thing. Before Rod Stewart ever knew what a standard was, Stan Edwards was doing it with honesty, integrity, and heart. Stan Edwards is the real deal, the real chic."
    ~ Len Triola, Show & Record Producer
  • "Very few singers can pay tribute to Frank Sinatra without being directly compared. Stan Edwards is the singer who can. His style is all his own as demonstrated in his CD Play Me Hearts And Flowers, in which Stan pays tribute to Frank in a moving performance of two of his great standards done in medley (In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning and Where Are You)."
    ~ Michael Anthony, HPC Radio, NY
  • "Stan Edwards sends sparks through the night doing Stan Edwards or doing his Frank Sinatra Salute. Stan provides the romance we need in our age."
    ~ Joe Franklin, The Bloomberg Network
  • "Sinatra had impeccable taste in his choice of music, the same holds true of Stan Edwards who sings Frank's songs Stan's way."
    ~ Jim HarlenWVNJ (and late great DJ for WNEW AM)


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