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That's All
(Bobby Darin Tribute)

"Stan Edwards has a great voice reminiscent of the song stylists of the mid-50s. His tribute to Bobby Darin is heartfelt and authentic."

~ Ron Delsener
   Concert Producer

Review from Dillon's
2003-04 Tuesday Night Darin Series

By Alexis Iacono

New York City was beaming. The broadway lights were glittering and everyone was out on the town. They all had people to see and places to go. My destination :Dillon's on 245 West 54th Street, a warm intimate restaurant and bar with fantabulous food. Harriet Wasser and I were there to see singer Stan Edwards' Tribute to Bobby Darin "That Darin Guy". Harriet, a long time friend and associate of Bobby Darin, as well as Stan Edwards and is the producer of the show. Hesh has so much to be proud of.

The show began at 8pm with Gary Pace on piano and Tom Kirchmer on bass. The backdrop of the stage was a dark red wine color, with a velvet curtain and a spotlight on Stan. Tom Kirchmer was on Stan's right and Gary Pace was on his left. Stan tested his mic singing a low and intimate " Skylark". He paused and went right into the song.

Stan is a tall, handsome man and wore a black sport jacket, black pants and black shoes. Sporting a confident smile, his personality was as big as New York City. Down to earth with a terrific sense of humor, he was the consummate entertainer, professional yet humble. His show was all about entertaining people who love music and love Bobby.

Stan has a voice that was as strong as a shot of whiskey, but was as deep as a vintage cognac. He was suave, calm and in between his varied list of Darin songs he told stories and broke into little jokes. He had the audience in the palm of his hand and, at one point, with a snap of his finger, he took off his black sport jacket and crooned "Beyond The Sea". His whole persona was cool and hip, yet romantic and sultry, something Bobby would of been very proud of.

Stan was pure magic and had such a presence that his 90 minute show flowed smoothly and never had a dull moment. Another BD favorite he performed was a jazzy duet "Two Of A Kind " with his pianist Gary Pace. This classic was originally sung by Darin and Johnny Mercer. Stan and Gary had a chemistry that was cosmic and simply superb. The two men had the audience cheering and applauding with smiles on their faces.

Stan Edwards resembled Bobby in his confident attitude, his eyes and even his voice. I loved his tribute to "That Darin Guy" .....and I know you will enjoy it, too!

For all you New Yorkers who have not seen "That Darin Guy", you are missing out. But you must make a reservation or you will have to stand up for the duration of the show. Stan Edwards is a must see.

~ Alexis Iacono

  • "Few contemporary performers have ever tried to address the issue of Darin's key songs. Stan Edwards, a swinging and sensitive vocal stylist in his own right has made us realize anew what an absolutely major figure Darin actually was."
    - Will Friedwald, Noted music critic and author
  • "May I thank Stan Edwards for keeping the great songs alive and equally important a great voice to make it happen."
    - Joe Franklin, WOR, WBBR
  • "Edwards has the essential ingredient to evoke Darin. He really can swing. He also brings taste, fervor, intelligence and deep appreciation to this wonderful tribute."
    - David Evanier, auhor of the acclaimed Darin's bio "Roman Candle," Co-Author of Joey Pantolano's autobiography, "Who's Sorry Now" and author of the Jimmy Roselli biography "Making the Wise Guys Weep: The Jimmy Roselli Story"
  • "Singer Stan Edwards, ably abetted by a tastefully swinging trio, captured the brash hipness, musicality, and New York street smarts that made Darin the kind of singer we all would have wanted to be."
    - Jack Kleinsinger, Producer, "Highlights in Jazz"
  • "As someone who has had the great pleasure of seeing Stan perform live and hearing his CDs, I anticipate his tribute to Johnny Mercer and Bobby Darin will be a musical evening to cherish."
    - Steve Taksler.

I'm saddened to inform that my friend and producer of my Darin Show, Harriet Wasser, has passed away recently. She will be missed greatly by her friends and colleagues, and certainly by me.

I share this with Bobby Darin. We were both in Harriet's debt and lucky to have known her.

Here's where it all began...

Thanks, Harriet Wasser, for all you have done for me. You will be missed greatly by your friends and colleagues, and certainly by me.

One thing I share this with Bobby Darin, we were both in your debt and lucky to have known you.


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